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10 advantages of SYS-PRO and Motoman

SYS-PRO and Motoman provide a winning combination of high quality, attention to detail, experience and service.  You can be assured that not only will you be provided with the best robot to meet your requirements, it will meet those requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Sys-Pro can provide all the services you need from design through to implementation and support.

There are many excellent reasons for you to choose a Motoman robot from SYS-PRO - here are just some:


  1. Motoman robots are extremely reliable, can lift up to 600Kg and have the lowest life cycle cost in the industry
  2. SYS-PRO have unique in-depth experience of utilising Motoman products to deliver the best solution for you
  3. Nearly any product can be handled by a Motoman industrial robot
  4. The robot can minimise dangerous, monotonous and heavy work, increasing productivity and product quality
  5. High-speed Motoman robots ensure lowest possible cycle times  offering best-cost savings
  6. The output from a Motoman robot is consistent, thus eliminating bottlenecks and the need for manual intervention
  7. Motoman provides user-friendly menu driven programming capability to allow changes to initial set up without complex programming.  SYS-PRO will always be on hand to ensure any changes will help continue delivering real production benefits.
  8. Keypad-accessible common commands allows the robot to quickly deliver benefits after installation
  9. The Robots can be operated by non specialist staff – SYS-PRO are always available to offer help and advice
  10. You get the benefits of dealing with an established provider of robot solutions with a reputation for delivering high quality solutions and a solid track record of innovation, coupled with the knowledge and practical experience of SYS-PRO who will help you get the best return for your investment.


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