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 Designed for industrial application

New industrial label printers SQUIX: user friendly, reliable, fast and precise

SQUIX represent innovative technology, easy operation, accuracy of impression, reliable and fast printing, compact, appealing design and highest quality standards.

The professional industrial label printers SQUIX can be used in a wide variety of applications. Their development is foremost focused on simple and convenient operation coupled with high reliability.

The print mechanics and housings are made of high-quality materials and perfectly match in terms of shape and function. A wide range of peripherals and software enable specific customized solutions.

Regardless of whether they are operated in stand-alone mode, in a PC application or in a network – the solid SQUIX printers are always up to the mark. A high-speed processor ensures fast printing processes and immediate label.


Label printers SQUIX 4 - type overview


1.1 Basic versions
for printing on labels and continuous materials that are wound on rolls or fanfold. The material is separated at the jagged tear-off edge. Optionally, it can be cut or externally rewound                                       
1.2 Dispensing versions P
In addition to the basic version the labels can also be dispensed. The label is separated from the carrier material after the printing. It can be removed manually or by an applicator. Delivery includes I/O interface                                                                                              
1.3 Basic versions M
For printing on all materials that are wound on rolls or reels resp. fanfold. Especially for very small labels and slim continuous materials such as pressed tubes. There is no need of  adjusting the label width on the print head. Suitable print rollers are offered for small and thin materials.                         
1.4 Dispensing versions MP
In addition to the basic model the labels can be dispensed. The label is removed from the liner during the printing process. It can be removed manually or by applicator. Delivery includes I/O interface.                                                                             


With RFID write/read device


1.5 HF according to ISO/IEC 15693 WITH 13.56 MHz


1.6 UHF accordin to ISO/IEC 18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen 2


The Smart Labels are printed, the integrated RFID chip is tested and qualified with data. In case of an error the label is marked with a grid print. The write/read commands are implemented in the printer's native language JScript.                                      










1.7 With separator MT

Preferred application with continuous and textile materials as well as pressed tubes. The transfer tape may stick with the textile tape after the printing. With a drive roller, the material is separated from the ribbon. In addition, the accuracy of impression is improved.                                                                                   



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