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NM-Mx - T-Nut

Application: T-Nutut for inserting in 14-mm-slots
with or without insertion tool BÖMA-ED; T-Nut locks in profile groove by means of spring.

Material: High-strength steel, galvanized


NM-M4 10,4 g
NM-M5   9,9 g
NM-M6   9,5 g
NM-M8   8,2 g



NM-M4- dwg


NM-M6- dwg 

NM-M8- dwg

NM-M4-  dxf

NM-M5- dxf

NM-M6- dxf

NM-M8 - dxf

NM-M4- stp

NM-M5- stp 

NM-M6- stp 

NM-M8- stp

NM-M4- sat

NM-M5 -sat

NM-M6- sat

NM-M8- sat

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