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Sys-Pro SourcingThrough our wide experience and global range of partners, we are ideally placed to source any products you need to maintain your production. From bolts through to complex components we have a track record of finding what our customers need at the right price.

For specialist parts that are expensive or difficult to get hold of in a hurry, we can produce replacement parts to the highest technical standard through our extensive CNC and fabrication capabilities ensuring you have a reliable source, at an affordable price, backed up by the highest levels of customer service.

Benefits of using us to source your components
As an organisation with a strong engineering and design pedigree we look at your requirements with a fresh eye. We always think, “can we make this better?” As with everything we do, when we source parts for you we set out to deliver quality, value for money and a solid improvement on your existing situation.

Real Client Benefits
One client was using a poor quality component and we eventually sourced a better quality component from America that saved money by being not only keenly priced, but lasting longer – thereby reducing the number of times it needed to be replaced and the associated disruption to production caused by the downtime (planned and unplanned) needed to make the change.

Another client was experiencing continual overheating in their system. SYS-PRO used their engineering experience to examine the problem and eventually traced the problem to the use of an incorrect part. We identified the correct part and sourced it, thereby eliminating this regular cause of production disruption.

Materials Sourcing
Our sourcing expertise also extends to the materials we use in fabrication. When designing a shelving solution for clean room applications, we looked for an alternative to traditional metals such as stainless steel or aluminium to reduce costs and speed up length of manufacture. The shelving was manufactured in an injected moulded foam PPC which delivered a quality solution at a lower cost that was strong yet lightweight and easy to clean.

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Whether you know you need a component or know you have a problem but don’t know the solution, SYS-PRO will help you identify and source the best components for you. If we can’t find the parts from existing suppliers we will produce them for you to the highest standards.

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