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PC-x - Polycarbonate

Application: Shock-protection enclosures
Machine Covers

Material: Clear polycarbonate

PC-x                Thickness    Weight                        PC-4-(l x b)      4,0 mm        4,9 kg/m2
PC-5-(l x b)      5,0 mm        6,0 kg/m2
PC-6-(l x b)      6,0 mm        7,2 kg/m2
PC-8-(l x b)      8,0 mm        9,6 kg/m2
PC-10-(l x b)   10,0 mm       12,0 kg/m2

Note: Panel elements according to the customer in various materials and colors available on request. (Examples: foamed PVC, anodized aluminum, MDF,...).
Recesses and cutouts are ordered as per customer drawings prepared.

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